Bootstrap Border

Bootstrap Border Tutorials
Bootstrap Border Tutorials
Bootstrap Border Tutorials

Bootstrap Provides multiple kinds of border style like border, and border-radius, you have to just add bootstrap border classes.

Border Examples

Here is the border examples like border-top, border-left, border-right, border-bottom, and all round border.

<div class="container tm">
   <div class="border"></div>
   <div class="border-top"></div>
   <div class="border-right"></div>
   <div class="border-bottom"></div>
   <div class="border-left"></div>

Bootstrap Border color

Bootstrap provides multiple border color.

<div class="border border-primary"></div>
<div class="border border-secondary"></div>
<div class="border border-success"></div>
<div class="border border-danger"></div>
<div class="border border-warning"></div>
<div class="border border-info "></div>
<div class="border border-light "></div>
<div class="border border-dark "></div>

Bootstrap Border-radius Examples

here are many kind of border radius css classes.

 <div class="border rounded"></div>
 <div class="border rounded-top"></div>
 <div class="border rounded-right"></div>
 <div class="border rounded-bottom"></div>
 <div class="border rounded-left"></div>
 <div class="border rounded-circle"></div>

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