How To Change Godaddy Domain Name Server

How To Change Godaddy Domain Name Server

This is very popular Question in the field of Domain And Hosting, After Purchase Domain this is the first thing to do, Change the name server if your hosting provider is different. First Off All let’s know what is Name Server and How Its Work.

What is Name Server And How Its Work

With the name server, there will be many types of confusion in your mind about what a name server is and how it works, so let’s know what a name server is. Name server is also called DNS. It has a full form (Domain Name System). When we enter the address of a website in our browser, the IP of that domain is first connected to our DNS, then the DNS sends it to the hosting provider where we have the website, then our website opens.

Let’s know how to change Name Server

  1. First Of All Login To Your Godaddy Account
  2. The Select Domain Which Name Server You Want To Change. And Click On Dots which selected in red color in image.

3- Click on Manage DNS

4- Then its Redirected to DNS Management, When you scroll page to bottom then you see Nameserver Section in this Section Click On Change

5- After that in dropdown select custome, then two text box will appear then fill your nameserver and click save.

The Server take some time to change your new Nameserver.

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