How To Reset WordPress Like fress Installation

How To Reset WordPress Like Fress Installation

Many times it happens that when we do not have full knowledge of WordPress and change a setting and we do not know where to correct it back and we are unable to change it even after committing our best. In this case we have no other solution except resetting WordPress. So today in this article we will learn how to Reset WordPress Like Fress Installation Let’s Start…..

1- First Off All Login To Your WordPress Wp-Admin And After That ..

2- Select My Web in Left Side, ( I have named it myweb show its showing myweb in your login its show your website name ..) and click on Dashboard

3- After That Your Dashboard Will Open..

4- Now Select Plugins and click on Add New button.

5- Now Click On Add News Again

6- Now Type WP RESET in Keword Text Box and Install and Activate (WP Reset- Best WordPress Reset Plugins).

7- Now Click on Open Wp Reset Tool ..

8- Now Scroll The Page to bottom and type reset in textbox and Click On Reset Button …

After Click On WordPress Your wordpress reset like fress installation.